GWIP-UWIP Mentorship Program

The GWIP-UWIP Mentorship Program exists both to provide the undergraduate members of UWIP with mentorship and to create opportunities for the graduate members of GWIP to pass down their knowledge. UWIP and GWIP members are paired up in the Fall and have a year together before pairings are re-established. Several social events during the semester are held for everyone involved in the mentorship program, and pairs are also encouraged to meet one-on-one through subsidized meals. However, there are no strict guidelines for each mentor-mentee relationship; each pair decides how often they meet and what kind of relationship they’d like.

Contact with further questions about the GWIP-UWIP Mentorship Program.

Contact a Graduate Student!

New to UWiP: If you are an undergraduate student with questions about graduate school, academics, research, and more, you can now get directly in touch with a grad student to talk! We collected the emails of graduate students that were willing to respond directly to emails from undergraduates and answer any questions or schedule a quick casual meeting.

Here are some tips that may be helpful before reaching out:

  • Navigate to the spreadsheet linked below and read through the bios available. If you cannot see the spreadsheet, please log into this website through Touchstone. This is to ensure that everyone's private information is protected and available only to MIT affiliates. 
  • Select the student you want to talk to and send them an email (from your MIT email!) requesting to chat. How you go about this is entirely up to you. 
  • Include in the email that you are affiliated with UWiP and got their contact information from the list posted on our website. This makes it less likely that your email will be overlooked as spam or unwanted solicitation.
  • Respect their time! If you schedule a time to talk, please don't ghost them––you're the one who reached out, and it is your responsibility to show up.
  • Likewise, understand that graduate students are also busy people. It may take several days to get a response. If several days have passed since your first contact, feel free to bump your original email. If you already bumped the email and havent recieved a repsonse in more than 3 weeks, send an email and reach out to a different student. We will check in with your original student to see whether they want to remain on the list.
  • If you enjoyed your experience, or would like a constant mentor + reimbursements for food when you meet, consider signing up for our GWIP-UWIP mentorship program (details below!). 

Application for Mentorship Program

The application for the 2022-23 cycle is now closed. Please check again next fall for the 2023-24 application!